//The International Day of Animals, marked in Brașov

The International Day of Animals, marked in Brașov

Unconditional love, compassion and respect are just a few of the life lessons animals offer us day by day! At least today, THE 4TH OF OCTOBER, THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ANIMALS, let us stop for a second from our daily struggle and look them in the eyes, listen to their thoughts and thank them for their dedication!

On this occasion, Noby the knight joined his force with the superheroes dedicated to save the animals, from The Millions of Friends Association. We celebrate together at Superland, Thursday, the 4th of October, at 17.00. We learn together how to protect the animals, paint, mold plasticine and the most skilled ones will have the chance to visit the largest brown bear sanctuary, for brown bears, Libearty

What life lessons do we learn from animals?!
Be kind to our neighbours
Monkeys behave really nice to the new exemplars they meet. They are a very nice example of socialization and friendship and they have the custom of saying kind hellos to all the monkeys they meet. Baboons, for example, get along really well to different monkeys as well – cimpanzees for example!  
Work together as a team
It is said that things go better when you get along with your coworkers and work in a team. Elephants are some  of the smartest wild animals and a sutdy leaded by Cambridge researchers showed that elephants can learn to coordinate their activities together if they need to follow a plan. 
Respect old fellows 
Also, the elephants have the nice habit of respecting the old fellows. In the african elephants herds, the oldest individual, no matter is there is a male or a female, is also the leader of the group. 
Not to care about the age when it comes to… games and playing
This is maybe one of the most beautiful lessons we learn from the animals: they play and enjoy each moment of their life no matter their age. Think about the bears playing: they are so funny when they run or in those moments when they look like they are fighting body to body although they are no longer kids.   
Show our feelings 
Have you ever seen a dog complaining when he is about to show his attachment and love? Neither did we. Even psychologists claim that if we were more sincere about expressing our feelings and love to the people around us, we could have more stable, healthy and long relationships. 
True love and fidelity 
Maybe you have never seen things like this, but there are species of animals that never change their partner or they do it only when their first pair passes away. Sea horses and dolphins are true examples of fidelity. 
The International Day of Animals
The International Day of Animals was settled in 1931, during a meeting of the International Organization for the Protection of Animals, in Florence. The 4th of October was not random elected, but it is also the day when the Church celebrates Saint Francisc of Asissi, the protector of animals. At first, the World Animal Day was an alarm signal about the species in danger of extinction. During times, it became a reason of celebration of life in all its forms, it became a form of aknowledge of the role of animals in peoplețs  lifes, but also as a prove of our gratitude to animals.   
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