//King discovered the forest from Libearty (photo and video)

King discovered the forest from Libearty (photo and video)

King had the chance to discover the forest! It was the first time in the last over 25 years when the beautiful bear put his feet on the grass, in the woods, smelled the leaves and looked towards the high sky without any bars restricting his dreams! At first, he was afraid to step on the grass, but then he started running around the enclosure, as if he could not believe he had the chance to live differently than behind bars, on a concrete slabKing has been released in the training area of the Sanctuary and will spend a period of adjustment here.

Here, he has the chance to feel what the real bear life means: step on the grass, take a bath in the pool that belongs to him, climb the trees or just enjoy the sound of the wind that moves the leaves, the birdsongs or choose what he likes to eat.  

Support his integration in the new home!

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