//Libearty, a major attraction for pupils

Libearty, a major attraction for pupils

Hundreds of children crossed the threshold of the Libearty Sanctuary these days and found out the stories of the bears!

The "Different School" educational program reached the sanctuary in Zărneşti and we are glad we were able to offer the girls and boys a walk in the nature with beautiful and educational stories!

They were amazed by the bears that we saved and we take care of in the sanctuary and learn about their stories. But, most important, they will send the message that these beautiful animals, like all the others, deserve to live in freedom, with no interference of men to destroy their lives.

Some of the pupils have the chance to be taught lessons about the protection and welfare of the animals, in the project that the Millions of Friends Association is carrying out in a few schools in Brașov. But in order to have a greater impact, we need your support.

Make your contribution to our educational program!

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