//Max became a star, in the Great Bear constellation

Max became a star, in the Great Bear constellation

Not long ago, Max was taken out of the enclosure that had been his home for the last 12 years. With sad and fearful eyes, Monica and Epizon – his neighbours, bid adieu to Max. The 22 year old bear could hardly walk, so the doctors decided to take him out of his enclosure and move him in the quarantine area, on a warm and soft bed of hay, where he was treated with painkillers and strong anti-inflammatory medicine. Unfortunately, the treatment did not work, his condition became worse and his posterior part of the body became completely paralyzed. Tired to endure so much pain, Max refused to eat or drink water anymore and his heart stopped beating.

„We say good bye to the kind and good bear that managed, by his nature to be the only one in the sanctuary that could comfort Monica with humans and the other bears. He could have lived more, if the years that he had to live in chains by a man with no heart would not affect his health. We come to peace with the fact that he found his peace, some freedom, enjoyed to trundle in the grass, to listen to the wind and song of the birds, bathe and ate as much as he liked. He is now among angels, in the Great Bear constellation, beside Maya and other furry friends like him“, says Cristina Lapis, The Millions of Friends Association's president.

The only thought that can relieve us now, when we tell him good bye, is that he has no pain now, nobody would ever harm him and he will never be tormented. Farewell, Max. We will never forget your beautiful eyes that could not see, but knew how to show us the most beautiful soul and honest love!

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