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Protect your pet!

The substances used to disinfect the streets, but also a series of solutions for the hygiene of the house, are toxic to pets! In the context of the current coronavirus pandemic, we must take care of our loved ones, humans or animals more than ever.

The Association of Millions of Friends has prepared a guide of good practices with the collaborating veterinarian Dr. Ciprian Cocianu.

1. When walking the dog avoid grassy areas where the powder does not dry out quickly

2. If the street has been sprayed it must be dry

3. Do not allow dogs to eat on the floor or lick the asphalt

4. When returning home, wash the pet’s feet with warm water and veterinary shampoo

In the house, do not exaggerate with the cleaning substances and do not exceed the concentration indicated by the manufacturer. Wear your protective mask and keep your pets in another room.

See here what are the dangerous substances and the symptoms of their ingestion!

Animal toxic substances are:

– chlorine / chloramine, sodium hypochlorite

– dish / laundry detergents, soap, laundry conditioner

– hand, surface or toilet disinfectants

– gasoline, acetone, caustic soda

– acid based products

Ingestion of these products may cause complications of the digestive or respiratory system. Symptoms: irritation of the skin (especially in the area of ​​the paws), vomiting, excessive salivation, cough, sneezing. In the event of these symptoms, consult your veterinarian as soon as possible!

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