//Education saves lives!

Education saves lives!

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We need your help to increase the chances of winning one of the most important pet project contests.

“Education saves lives” is the only educational project in Romania to participate in the contest organized by Purina.

We want to change people’s mindset regarding animal welfare, care and love they need, stopping the abuses and cruelty to which animals are subjected to, but also teach the little ones to protect the environment, the planet and by default their future.
Learning these things from a young age, humanity can have a chance in the future.

You can only vote today and tomorrow to support this project.

Project History

Our educational project has been taking place in Brașov schools for seven years and over 5.000 students have already passed through our hands. In the school year 2019 we are present in 7 schools and about 750 students participate in the permanent courses we offer.
Every student attending classes receives the manual created by AMP for free and visits the Libearty Bear Sanctuary for free.
We want to introduce at least as optional this course in as many schools as possible, but for this, a few days of training of teachers who want to teach classes and schools according to their “Animal Welfare” Manual.

If you want to help us, access the link of the contest, vote and leave a comment in English about our project.

“The greatest gift given to humanity is the opportunity to use our voice for the deprived” – Joaquin Phoenix, Oscar speech


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