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How do bears communicate?

Did you know that bears communicate with each other just like humans? The range of sounds these guys emit is much wider. There are a number of sounds that indicate their aggression or comfort.

A specific click sound or a guttural sound like a short growl indicates that the bear is friendly with other bears, and such a sound is common between partners during the mating season, but especially between a mamma bear and her cubs.

Puffing, a long moaning or gritting are signs of aggression or pain and show us that the bear is in discomfort.

A lengthy gutural rattle is an alarm sign that bears generally make to signal their presence in the area. A quick snap is a warning. The most famous sounds that indicate a restless bear are its long moogling, growling, and roaring…

Bear cubs have specific sounds that can only be recognized by their mothers. Cubs are humming for a long time while breastfeeding or laying near their mothers. Instead they cry a lot with loud sounds,  can even scream briefly (like a call for mother), even make sounds like a prolonged squeak in pain.

It is a general fact, however, when it comes to the sounds made by bears. Everybody snores in their sleep… naturally grown males are the loudest.


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