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Hibernation of the bear . Truth or myth?

Hibernation is the defence characteristic of several wild animals. Not just bears hibernate. Hedgehogs, badgers, bats, certain birds, insects are some of the species that sleep more in winter. Generally, when the temperatures are low and the food is hard to find, the bears shelter in the den, which they design themselves.

Preparation for the winter sleep starts a few months before. Bears eat more to redo the fat layer lost during the previous cold season and gain weight between 30 and 60 kilos!

Towards the end of summer their fur is changing, so in winter the bears have new, warm and very fluffy clothes, perfect to keep them warm for 3-4 months!

An excellent place to set up a den can be a cave, a deserted anthill, a hollow under the roots of a tree or simply a pit, but the area must be a quiet one away from noises and people. After all, who likes to be bothered while sleeping?

Bears gather branches, moss tree and other materials that they will use as bedding. They make their lair very comfortable and pleasant to them.

When it’s very cold outside (-15 /- 30 degrees) even the AMP Libearty bears retreat to a safe place. It’s inappropriate said that they sleep soundly, the more accurate said would be that they are lazy.

Libearty bears who are starting to regain instincts, start building their den after the first rime falls or occupies those from the past years. For those who don’t have the power to dig or don’t know how to do this, we have arranged artificial lairs, built from concrete circular tubes. The interior are design by them, so they can be comfortable.

The whole thing is done in October and November, when some Libearty bears can be seen while working hard on their winter home.

The sanctuary is open to visitors all year round!

So, for the answers to other curiosities we are waiting for you in the biggest brown bear sanctuary in the world, AMP Libearty, from Zărnești- Romania!


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