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Hope farm, open to public!

Hope Farm has opened its doors to the public! Being the home for 31 animals saved in the last years by the team of Million Friends Association, the farm received its first visitors today. 20 children admired Merlin – the horse found injured on the way to the Libearty Sanctuary, Iubi – the Vietnamese sow who was about to become a Christmas dinner, or Vasilică, the happiest goat, who was petted  by every child separately.

The horses were rescued from the slaughterhouse and are no longer being whipped, donkeys no longer wander the field in search of food, and Iubi, chickens and turkeys can stand in the sun, not on a plate!

Hope Farm is actually an educational farm, where children who have not had the joy of growing up with their grandparents in the country side can see how these domestic animals, who they read about or only see them in books or television, live and how they should be cared for. This way they can understand exactly where the meat they see in their dishes comes from. A visit to Hope Farm teaches those who pass its threshold lesser-known curiosities about each species.

Hope Farm covers an area of 7,000 square meters, completely separated from bears enclosures.

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