//The youngest supporter of the „Education Saves Lives!“ project

The youngest supporter of the „Education Saves Lives!“ project

At only 10, Anastasia Grindean decided to support the „Education saves lives!“ project, that AMP proposed for the Brasov Heroes.

The project, in which pupils learn about the importance of nature and animals and about the way they should behave in front the animals, toched her soul. So, she felt she could do more for them, to gather money and call people up for this project.

Anastasia saw the bears in the Libearty sanctuary in 2014 and now they believe she can involve more in helping the animals. 

She was touched by the story of Max and the history of Bim and Bam. 

So she talked about what she wants do for the animals, in a radio show with dr. Liviu Harbuz, at Europa FM. :

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