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Thrown away like garbage

Saturday was a warm and beautiful day, so some people “took advantage” of the good weather to clean their yards. They threw what considered it is not useful for them: three beautiful little females were left at the gate of the AMP Victory Dog Shelter and a mommy, with her few weeks puppies, was abandoned near the fence of the public shelter in Stupini!

We know are hard times, but we have a lot of animals to feed! The Covid 19 crisis made many people no longer donate! However, the nearly 1,000 animals in the care of the AMP ask for food, they ask for medical treatment, they require to be dewormed … We give them love, but for the rest … we need your help! Small donations are also very important! If we gather more small donation, we will pass through this together!

These dogs have already been abandoned once! Please, don’t let them feel abandoned again! Donate for them!

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