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An unique experience with the most majestic animals, in the world’s largest brown bear sanctuary, are the perfect ingredients for a dreamlike afternoon.

The visit takes place with a car, specially equipped for such an adventure, with guides ready to answer all your curiosities about our bears.

Although you can also take photos, the most beautiful images will remain printed in your heart.

A visit at the bear’s home, in a bunker placed in the middle of a more than 14 hectares big enclosure, will fulfill the emotions experienced at Libearty.

This tour is available only by appointment, at least 48 hours before the visit and it lasts for about 1.5 – 2 hours, starting with 5 PM.

The car has 8 seats. Two inside the car and another six outside.

The costs of such a tour are 500 euros, regardless of the number of persons (between 1 and 8 people).

The raised funds will be used to rescue other captive bears still living in poor conditions.


Although the physical effort is minimal, we recommend comfortable footwear for trekking. Moreover, some places in the car are uncovered, so we also recommend suitable clothes according to the weather.

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