//An angel left us!

An angel left us!

It is cold in our hearts today! Betsy, the brown bear that came all the way from the United States, has left for Ursa Major after 34 years of life. She is now with the other dear bears…free in the eternal forest.

She has been in our care for 12 years. These are sad moments, but our fight continues and we are doing what is necessary for those who are still suffering.

“It is hard but makes me think that Betsy has lived her last years among her peers.” Our bears, so hard tried by fate, opened the doors of the sanctuary for other bears such as them. ” – Cristina Lapis – AMP President

All those who will visit the sanctuary will hear the story of the circus bear brought all the way from the United States and so its memory will live on over the years.

Smooth road in Ursa Major, gentle Betsy!

The story

Betsy was a circus artist. She arrived in the USA along with a walking circus, by boat. When the circus closed its doors, the little bear ended up spending her days in a small space, next to a fast food, in Texas. She was fed only the leftovers at this restaurant, which destroyed her stomach forever.

In 2020, Huston SPCA initiated Betsy’s rescue efforts. She flew by plane to Frankfurt and from there to the AMP Liberty Sanctuary. Years of medical treatment and diet followed and she received the dignity and unconditional love she deserved.

Betsy’s long journey  to freedom can be watched here.

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