//Video: A dying horse, left to suffer by the autorities

Video: A dying horse, left to suffer by the autorities

A new victim on the roads of Brasov county. A horse that was let to walk through the Cărpiniş village, came directly in front of a car whose driver could not avoid him. It was an accident! But what happened after the impact was cruelty. The driver escaped unhurt, the police arrived and made all necessary papers for the driver. Afterwards, all of them left the place. At the crash site remained only… the horse.

Being in a critical condition, with three broken legs, one with open fracture, bleeding and fallen on the ground, the poor horse was abandoned with no mercy to die slowly, in horrible pain, in the rain and coldness, near the road where was a big risk to be attacked by dogs. With the only healthy leg, he crawled a few meters away from the road. He had lied there in agony for almost three hours, until a native called the Association Millions of Friends (AMP). When the team arrived there, everything was like a nightmare. The horse was shaking, was in shock and the pain tormented him beyond imagination. The police returned, but they could not find any regional veterinarian or some local authorities, that should deal with this kind of situations.

It is unacceptable to let a being lying in its own blood, on the pavement, without veterinary care, in the rain and cold. Whether it is human or animal, it is a being who feels pain and suffers. Beyond that,  what if he was crawling back to the street? Another tragedy could have happened during the night, with another car“, said Cristina Lapis, the AMP president.

To shorten the agony of the horse, AMP’s doctor, Ciprian Cocianu, decided to put him to a forever sleep, just after midnight. The veterinarian could not do anything for him and his suffering was terrible.

"Maybe if the authorities would have enforced the law and would have fined both the landlords who leave their animals on the streets, instead of keeping them in their yards, and those who do not microchip their animals and even confiscate the animals left alone on the roads, we could lower the number of accidents with animals. This horse is not older than 6 years and had been neutered before. So, for this surgery he was taken to a veterinarian, but that vet had not microchipped him. How could anyone find the owner now? Should that owner pay for the suffering of this being and even pay the damages for the car that was destroyed?“, is asking now the AMP president.

Help us help the animals!

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