//HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the dogs in the world!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the dogs in the world!

Happy birthday to dogs with owners! Happy birthday to stray dogs! Happy birthday to dogs in the shelters, to the loved and not loved ones, to the ones that suffer because of our ignorance and our indifference. August 26 is the day when we have to take their paws the ones that we have next to us and spoil them, because it is their day: International Dog Day! It is the best and most faithful friend of humans! The question is, though: Is the human being the best and most faithful friend of the dog?

„Dogs are an example of loyalty, an example from which people could learn a lot. They are able to sacrifice themselves extremly, not just for their owner, but also for unknown people, as the rescue dogs do all the time! They are the ones who love and help unconditionally the ill people, as the unseeing people. Today, when wish our dog a long and happy life, let us think a little bit about the dogs in the shelters, who also wish a family, a garden, a corner of a yard, but if ee care about our dogs, then we need to care about their puppies. We need to be responsible and respect the law, neuter the dogs, so that their puppies will not end on the streets, in shelters or being killed”, sais Cristina Lapis, AMP’s president.

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