//Neuter your pet for free and avoid the fine!

Neuter your pet for free and avoid the fine!

Every year, The Millions of Friends Association, together with its partners, has been offering an ample free neutering campaign for cats and dogs, based on a previous appointment.

BONUS: the dogs will be microchipped and registered in the RECS (Central Dog Ownership Registry) database. You can make an appointment by calling:

+40731334787, for Brașov.
+40746287917 or +40723658816 – for Zarnesti.
For the free neutering, you need to come with your ID and the health booklet of the dog or the cat. If the animal does not have a booklet, our vet will make one.

According to the law, neutering, microchipping and registration in RECS are compulsory (Law 257/2013).

For the owners who do not obey these rules, the fines are between 5.000 and 10.000 lei.


Less cats and dogs on the streets. Most of the stray animals are, in fact, the puppies or kittens of the animals with owners, that were left on the streets.
The animals will live longer.
It will remove the risk of mamal/ovarian cancer or pyometra (infection in the uterus).
The males are protected against the testicular cancer and prostate diseases.
The neutered dogs are less aggressive.
The behavior and hygiene problems during oestrus.
THE OWNER avoids a hefty fine.
“The Millions of Friends Association wants to make Brașov and Zărnești some of the first cities in Romania that solve the problems of the stray dogs, in a civilized way and without any inhumane methods to suppress the innocent animals, whose only fault is that they were born in a world where they are not wanted. The stray dogs do not fall from the sky, they are born in the yards of people and then abandoned in parks, on the side of the roads, in ditches, on fields, in gullies, in the yards of the factories or just in the dumpster, because «someone will find them and feel pitty for them!». This cruelty act can be avoid by a simple neuter surgery, which is offered for free by The “Millions of Friends“ Association, thanks to the support of its partners“, says Cristina Lapis, AMP president.

Most of the dogs in the yards escape, during the oestrus. The males return sometimes home, after they pair with more than one female. Some other times, they meet their end under the wheels of the cars or bitten by other dogs. The females that return home give birth after two months and their puppies are thrown away, in most of the cases. Some of them survive and become stray dogs.

”Females can give birth twice a year, while males can pair with more females on the same day. Out of 100 stray dogs or cats, in just one year there come 1.000 babies. Then, the 1.000 mature animals can give birth, next year, to other 10.000 babies. Thus, if we do not stop this, we will never get rid of dog packs or starving cats near the trash cans”, added Mrs. Lapis.

The estimated value for neutering a dog falls within 200 and 700 lei, depending on the sex and weight of the animal, while for a cat is about 150 lei. The microchip and registration in RECS cost about 100 lei. All the expenses are covered by AMP. You just need to make an appointment!

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