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Libearty against captivity!

LIBEARTY AGAINST CAPTIVITY! This is the slogan of the newest campaign, which we start today with the french brand IN WOLF WE TRUST! All the creations of this brand are 100 % organic cotton and vegan ink is used for making drawings!

For the bears sanctuary, the french partners made a wonderful drawing, printed on both t-shirts and shirts. These can now be purchased from the page: https://www.inwolfwetrustshop.com/?category=Association+edition

All the funds obtained from their sale will be directed to AMP, for the well-being of the bear sanctuary!

The drawing is handmade by french artist Cassandra Bizzini, with environmentally friendly ink, non polluting.

Help yourself while you get a winter holiday gift! Then proudly wear the environment-friendly t-shirt, through which you also help bears.

Orders are given in this link: https://www.inwolfwetrustshop.com/?category=Association+edition

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