//WTG supports the welfare of the bears in the Libearty sanctuary

WTG supports the welfare of the bears in the Libearty sanctuary

On the basis of a partnership recently signed with the Millions of Friends Association (AMP), the german NGO Welttierschutzgesellschaft (WTG) decided to keep on getting involved in the care of the bears that the AMP rescue team have saved and that live now freely in the Libearty sanctuary, in Zarnesti.

The WTG officials have decided to take active part in the salary expenses, during this year, for the period between August 2016 and August 2017, for four of the sanctuary’s employees that are permanently involved in ensuring the welfare of the bears. They are the animal caretakers that feed the bears on a daily basis and intervene in the enclosures every time when one of our tenants needs help or special care.

Also for the welfare of the bears, in the Libearty sanctuary the forest in the enclosures needs to be cleaned and cared all the time, so that the integrity and safety of the animals should never be in danger. Under these circumstances, the German NGO will fund the purchase of a chainsaw, that will be used by our employees to do this job.

We thank the WTG representatives for the pressure washer that we had the chance to buy, thanks to their donation. This will be used to clean the special food warehouse for the bears, as well as the van that is used to bring the food in the sanctuary.

Only few of our visitors know, for instance, that there are lots of other things, besides food, that are necessary in order to care for the bears in the sanctuary. For this reason, we really appreciate the help of the german NGO, as it is concerned to offer us the help us that we need in order to ensure the best conditions for the bears, as they deserve after the sad life that they had.

On the basis of the partnership, WTG became a durable partner of our NGO, that we hope to always count on, for the welfare of the bears that really need millions of friends in order to take the chance of living in their natural environment, in the Libearty sanctuary. Thus, AMP could make their remaining life happy, away from the dirty cages where they were locked for no reason, before having been saved.

„Any support that comes from our international partners means a new chance for the animals that we permanently have been trying to save, since 20 years ago. No matter what the help of other NGO’s or the animal lovers consists of, it means that we can go on doing what we promissed at the beginning – protect the animals and ensure their welfare, so that the environment that we live in should not suffer irremediable damages. So, the association of our partners from WTG for our daily efforts is of high importance, both for the animals, and for the wold in general, as we know it, if we really want to keep it for our children“, says Cristina Lapis, the president of the Millions of Friends Association. 

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