//A horse and a donkey were saved from death

A horse and a donkey were saved from death

It was just an ordinary day and I was going to meet the bears. But it had not been a good day for for the horse on the side of the road that leads to the sanctuary. For him, the September 8th was the chance to have a better life. Working horses in Romania usually die on their feet, but the horse lying down drew my attention. I sent the association’s veterinarian to offer him the first aid care. His owner said that the horse had been hit by another stallion and was going to be slaughtered. In the gentle look of the wounded horse one could see the sense of resignation and death that could relieve him from suffering.

This is the reason for which the owner decided to give him to us and Merlin (the horse’s name) went on the meadow in the bear sanctuary. Dr. Liviu Harbuz, the friend of our association, asked a friend who is a veterinarian that loves these noble animals, for help. After a medical exam, he told us that Merlin will recover in order to live free without suffering with the other animals saved by the Millions of Friends Association.

Although Merlin can not pull the cart anymore or be ridden, both AMP members and our friends are happy to read in his eyes the gratitude and also the joy of living!

After only a few days, when Merlin was happily browsing in the sanctuary, an old donkey was wandering on the way to Poiana Brasov. He could have been involved in an accident. But a good family had seen the old animal and wanted to help him, so they warmed a bridle and secured him in front of their gate, until the next day. They called AMP and our team took him to the association’s veterinarian. The donkey (who we named Zorro) had his wounds stitched, as he had been bitten by dogs, and was given antibiotics. The veterinarian will return for further care. This is how the bears’ paradise became also a shelter for a horse and a donkey for which we now need to build a shelter for the winter.

With your donation, you can help us build a stable, where they will be warm in winter and have plenty of hay, you will not regret your kind act.  Every time you meet a horse or a donkey, you will remember about our protégés, Merlin and Zorro.

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