//Celebration in the school for the World Animal Day!

Celebration in the school for the World Animal Day!

On the World Animal Day we celebrated the beginning of the protection and welfare of the animals course in schools. The first Animal Protection and Welfare class was taught by the Millions of Friends Association’s (AMP) president, Cristina Lapis, at School No. 19, one of the four schools where AMP’s representatives will teach during this year.

The first Animal Protection and Welfare lessons in schools were taught three years ago, under the aegis of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals. Since then, over 1.200 children enthusiastically attended these classes taught by the AMP representatives.

„In 2013, in a partnership with Brașov City Hall and the local representative of the Ministery of Education started the educational classes in some schools. They work with the schoolbooks developed by AMP. We offer these schoolbooks for free, but this is a huge financial effort. We still struggle to do this every year, because we believe that education is the first step to change things“, says Cristina Lapis.

The schoolbook is designed for the pupils in the 5th and 6th form, an age when children are really interested in this field and also can understand the difference between good and bad.

„Nowadays, children bear away from nature. They spend more time with their tablets or mobile phones and are not interested anymore to stay in the middle of nature or find more things about the animals that we share our planet with. So, I appreciate that these classes are very necessary to develop their respect for nature and the other beings on this planet“, says the AMP president.

In order to develop this project, AMP needs your support! People or companies that will contribute to develop this project will be mentioned on our website. The companies’ logos will be published in the Partners section.

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