//Bim and Bam, the names of the bear cubs saved in February

Bim and Bam, the names of the bear cubs saved in February

The bear cubs saved in February by the AMP team, have been named by a Foundation in Luxemburg. Impressed by the fate of the two young bears, Martine and Betram Pohl decided to offer their support, through the foundation they represent – Martine&Bertram Pohl Foundation.

Thus, they will support all the expenses for building a dedicated enclosure in the Libearty Sanctuary, and they also named the bears: Bim and Bam.

„Although we would prefer to see them released back into their wild forest, the sanctuary might have to be their home, as they are used to be fed by humans. In the wild, they could be attacked and even killed by mature bears or they could go towards residential areas to look for food which would bring them into conflict with people, which might lead to them being shot, which is unacceptable “, says Cristina Lapis, the President of the „Millions of Friends“ Association.

The building of the new enclosure will start on the 1st of September. In spring 2017, after the two cubs can feed themselves and will learn to stay away from the electrical fence, they could be moved into their new home.

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