//Farewell Odi!

Farewell Odi!

Another sad day in the Libearty forest, a day when we are powerless in front of fate. Somehow up in bear heaven, someone seems to be organizing a sanctuary. One where captive bears, who have suffered for too many years because of the wickedness of some people, live forever in peace and free….

We hardly said goodbye to Mura, a little later our dear Lidia left also…. Now, the beautiful Odi has gone where there is no pain, carelessness, hunger, nor thick iron bars. Behind will forever remain the memorial of her pain. The cage where she lived 12 years before reaching the sanctuary can be seen and will remain testimony in years as a symbol of suffering.

The story

A little bear was crying terribly through the forests of Harghita. Alone and hungry didn’t stand a chance. It would have been 1993. If she knew what fate she would have she surely kept quiet…. She was found and thrown in a small iron cage. For 12 years she would live alone in her prison. The sun was horribly hitting the iron of the cage, and the winter’s cold froze the metal. Her house was basically becoming torture and hurting her horribly. There was nowhere to shelter… The wind, snow or rain fell on her, the sun blinded her and she only ate corn cobs. Her soft feet were covered by wounds and every step meant pain.

′′ Odi ′′ the laughing bear. In fact, this is how she thanked us in 2006 when she arrived in our care. I put wooden plywood for her to step on, because her paws were full of wounds! The traces of her injuries were seen until the end of her life. She then smiled at us… When we first gave her milk she laughed. She was so happy! For 12 years she sat in that horrible cage, in that iron prison, and those who threw her there are exactly the ones who were supposed to take care of her, the employees of the Homorod Forestry-Harghita.” – Cristina Lapis AMP president

In 2006, Odi stepped on soft grass again, her wounds were treated and her normal bear life began. For 15 years she had peace, wellbeing and bear friends. Farewell Odi! Enjoy now forever with all the bears from Ursa Mare!


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