//Rest in peace Lidia!

Rest in peace Lidia!

There are days in AMP Libearty when the forest seems to be crying. Today is again one of those days when helpless we say goodbye to one of the most beloved bears.

Lidia, the little old bear who first stepped on the grass in the sanctuary, at the end of 2015, went to Ursa Major and took with her a part of our soul. Words are superfluous, but it comforts us a little that she had the chance to live quietly for more than 15 years in her natural environment.

The story

“Cristi and Lidia are my first bear friends. I met them on 1998 in Poiana Brașov, in the same year I met Maia. Resigned and sad-eyed, they looked longingly for someone to save them. They were terribly thirsty and hungry, and no one cared about their wounds. Their soft paws trampled the bottles of beer offered by tourists, and the shards pierced their paws.

They only had access to water when they were sprayed with hose for the amusement of tourists. Next to their cage was an always empty pit. All they could do was stretch out their paws, maybe a drop of water would reach them. The owners of the pension did not give them water because it was expensive. All I could do was sit next to them and cry … ”- Cristina Lapis, AMP president.

In the fall of 2005, Lydia stepped on the grass for the first time in the AMP Libearty sanctuary.

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