//The stars of Ursa Major

The stars of Ursa Major

The past months were very difficult for the bears’ lovers, but especially for the AMP Libearty team. We said goodbye to the first bear rescued by the Millions of Friends Association, Lidia. The only comfort is that she was here with us for 15 years and we remember how she used to greet us every morning.

The pain was even deeper as Mura, the circus artist who used to walk with difficulty because of the training she had to endure to please the public, became a star. We are sure that up there, in Ursa Major, she runs free in an endless forest and forgot about the trainer’s whip, the blinding lights and the noise of applause.

Shy Odi also left us. Her story will always remain in the hearts of those that will keep on coming to the Sanctuary because the cage that was her home for 12 years is exposed and anyone can feel the trauma of the unfairly caged bear. Held near a forest canton, she didn’t even have a piece of wood under her paws and the bars under her legs – hot in the summer and freezing in the winter- were imprinted on her paws like a forever prove of the pain she has been through.

The last one to leave us, these days actually, was the gentle King. 28 years old, after only three years spent in Libearty, King laid on the ground and closed his eyes forever. With dignity, between the trees, not on the cold concrete that stood as his home for 25 years in Dragoș Vodă Zoo in Vanatori – Neamt. Every bear that dies leaved deep wounds in us as each of them are part of our hearts. But other bears still need us and our duty is to offer them a life away from danger, iron bars, hunger or thirst.

They only have us! Donate and be part of their rescue! https://millionsoffriends.org/en/donate/

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