//Video: Seven owlets became orphans

Video: Seven owlets became orphans

Six of them went in the Millions of Friends' Association care, after another one squat when he fell of the nest that had been destroyed by the owner. The mother-owl rotated above the attic, where she thought that her babies would be safe, until she understood that there was no hope to find them.  

An ignoble gesture for a human soul that caused the death of a innocent creature and left six orphan owlets, that we can not be sure would survive without their mother. 

Ignorance? Malice? Or just lack of education? It is unfathomable why the citizen in Prejmer was annoyed by an owl who would have taken care of her babies for one or two months, in his attic, and then would have left when the babies were big enough to fly.

The owl is protected by the law and this gesture may be punished.

The animal protection is a civic duty, as the human beings are not the only inhabitants with the right to live on this planet!

Help us save more animals!

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