//229 dogs have found loving families

229 dogs have found loving families

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In October 2013, AMP and the Public Service for Animal Management at the City Hall of Brasov signed a cooperation protocol to help reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets. Since then, the public shelter at Stupini has made steady progress toward this goal, and now the number of dogs entering the shelter is the same as the number leaving it.
Statistics for the last the last two quarters show that the Public Service for Animal Management in Brasov, co-managed by AMP, has collected 589 dogs from the public domain. Three AMP employees now work with city employees, and thanks to their efforts, 229 of the dogs from the shelter have already been adopted. “We signed this protocol to avoid having to euthanize animals. We are very glad that nearly half of the dogs gathered from the streets have already been adopted. Unfortunately, we were forced to euthanize about 150 of them, and all the euthanizations were made on medical grounds,“ says Cristina Lapis, president of AMP.

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