//A scops owl, saved from death and set free in the Libearty sanctuary (video)

A scops owl, saved from death and set free in the Libearty sanctuary (video)

The Mihaila family saved from death a scops owl. They found Sandi last year, when she was only two months old, after she had fallen from the nest, in a parc from Bucharest, together with one of her sisters. They were both surrounded by crows, who were trying to pick at them. Mirela Mihaila, a woman with a huge soul, could not just watch it, so she sent the crows away, so that she could save the baby birds. She took one of them and another women took her sister.

Mrs. Mihăilă and her husband went to a few vets, but they all said the baby bird had no chance to survive. Still, they did not give up. With a lot of love and passion, as the baby would not eat at all, they managed to get her on her feet again. For a long time, she was fed with the help of a syringe. So, she went up and about and grew healthy.

Although Sandi  became part of the family, the two saviours understood that it was important for her to live in her natural environment. So, they brought her to the Libearty sanctuary, where the Millions of Friends team built a small house for her, opposite the enclosure of Bim and Bam and she was set free.

Sandi put up with her new home and left it just after it got dark.

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