//AMP saved a young horse from slaughter (Video)

AMP saved a young horse from slaughter (Video)

Marcelino is a young horse saved from slaughter by AMP, after a representative of The Brigitte Bardot Foundation convinced his owner to accept this. He is only six years old and could have had a cruel fate.

One year ago, he was pulling a cart, on a national road in Bacau. Unfortunately, a car that was overtaking another vehicle hit the horse and he was seriously injured. Marcelino had a broken leg, so his master decided to take him to the slaughter house.

Fortunately for the young horse, Patricia Laponche, from the foundation of  Brigitte Bardot, saw the poor horse and decided to save him from death. So she took the horse for medical care and treatment. After that, she found a place in Itesti (Bacau county) where some nuns were building a monastery. So, the young horse was taken care of by two workers and a nun. Marcelino had lived there for about one year, until the caretakers asked for our help.

So, the representatives of the Millions of Friends Association left Brasov to take Marcelino for a better life.

After a 350 kilometers journey, Marcelino arrived in Brasov and he is carefully taken care of by our specialists.

Thus, he has the chance to receive all the treatments that he needs and live the rest of his life in peace.  

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