//Buy what the animals need!

Buy what the animals need!

For those who want to know exactly what their donation can be used for, AMP has found the best solution. Find our WISH LIST of needs on AMAZON. From brooms and honey to dog food, and if you want to donate anything on the list you can buy the merchandise and it will be shipped directly to us. Find out what WE NEED and SEE HOW YOUR DONATION HELPS THE ANINMALS.

Donate for the bears

Donate for the dogs

However small a donation – it means a lot to us!

The daily costs for caring for animals in our „Libearty“ Bear Sanctuary sometimes exceed 750 euros. In our dog shelter „Victory”, it can cost us 60 euros for vaccination, sterilization and microchipping for a rescued a dog to be given up for adoption. And as puppies come to us with medical problems, some very serious, the costs alone can amount to an average of 150-200 euros.

Of course there are also the food and fuel costs. Moreover, the veterinarians and employees must also be paid.

You can imagine that, with such costs, our needs are big.

AMP does not receive any government funding. Nor for the Bear Sanctuary "Libearty", neither for our Dog Shelter "Victory".

We cannot succeed without your help!

Your donations help us feed the bears, provide necessary medical treatment, care for the forest sanctuary, maintain in good condition the facilities created for bears such as pools, and also save other bears who are still in captivity in Romania.

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