//Epizon went in the Libearty sanctuary, with her two cubs

Epizon went in the Libearty sanctuary, with her two cubs

I was born in a forest! My house was near a stump. Me and my sister were playing all day long, climbing trees and bathing in a plash, until mom was calling for us. After a while, cold flakes were falling from the sky and our mother was taking us to sleep. We were hungry and when we were sleeping we could forget about it. But when we were waiking up, the yellow ball in the sky was warming us again and the forest was full of tasty leaves. Mom was teaching us how to find the good food. One day, mom disapeared. Me and my sister were alone. We were scared. The forest was so big that we lost each other. And it was cold again and I dig a hole and fell asleep. Then, it was warm again, until one day when a big and beautiful bear ran after me through all the forest, licked my ears, embraced me wish his strong paws. After the small cold flakes fell from the sky again and the yellow ball reappeared, I felt that two fur balls went out of me, whimpering and trying to find the white liquid seeping on my belly.

I hugged them, I licked them and I understood that they were just as I had been with my sister, for our mother. I was so happy when my cubs were cuddling at my breast! I was so happy, but also afraid that the big bear might come to crush them under his strong paws!

But the forest changed. All kinds of monsters were wandering all day long, knocking down the trees. Instead of the plash we used to bathe in, there were stones put one upon another, as tall as the knocked down trees. And people, those creatures that my mom warned me to stay away from, were coming everyday through the forest and I could hear scarry noises, making me flee away with my cubs. I was starting to starve and the cubs were crying, because I had no more the white liquid for them. One night, I had the courage to get close to that mountain of stones, from where I was hearing noises and I felt the smell of food. It did not smell like the rest of dead animals that I could find in the forest, but still there was food. I took my courage in both hands and I approached even more. I understood that those rests were from people and I wanted to steal in order to stay my hunger. But many people appeared all of a sudden and they were all yelling as the wolves howl when they are hungry. I was scared and I climbed the first tree.

Since then, I can not remember lots of things. I woke up in a box. I was happy to see my cubs near me. I grambled very loud and I think that people were scared, although I did not want to harm them But the box was lifted and went into a bigger one, which started to move faster than my mother could run. I was dizzy and numbed, my paws were in pain standing on a could and wet floor, totally different than the bear’s bed in my forest. When the box stopped and I could see the light again, there were even more lights and people coming around me. Suddenly, someone gave me to drink some water through the bars around me! Oh, I was so thirsty and the water was fresh as the river in the valley! I wished it would never stop. Then, apples came through the bars and I recognized the taste, as our mother had been taking us to an orchard, where we could find all kinds of fruits.

After all the people left, the box I was in started to move again. Then, it was opened in a hole full of hay. I entered that place alone and the cubs followed me. Finally, I layed down and after I ate better than in my entire life, I fell asleep happy, with my cubs in my arms. Myabe I came to paradise, where people are getting along very well with the bears. Maybe, from now on, I do not have to steal food and maybe the cubs will not learn the fear that I went through and live free, in their forest.

And, as I could see there are good people too, I am sure some of them will help us live happily ever after!

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