//Farewell gentle giant!

Farewell gentle giant!

Sad day in the bear forest! Today we said goodbye to one of the bears. Leo, the 33-year-oldie, fell asleep at peace that the last 7 years of his life lived in silence, in the oak forest, together with other bears. It won’t be alone! Up in Ursa Mare, he will met with our dear Maya, Max, Cristi, Nadia, Ursula….

Farewell gentle giant!
Run freely through the clouds!

2013-the bear s’ pen from the Bucov Zoo, Prahova. Leo, a gentle giant, 25 years old, was looking sad in the distance. He is dreaming of the shadowy forest that maybe he never saw. His dream came true and he ended up in Libearty. Since then, his days have passed quietly, and giant Leo has been lazy all day long. Because he didn’t like long walks nor climbing trees, his nails were growing a lot and he needed a periodic pedicure.

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