//First grade pupils surprise AMP

First grade pupils surprise AMP

The Millions of Friends Association, who try to seed the love for animals in children’s souls and teach them to become more responsible in life, had a very pleasant surprise recently. The first grade pupils from School number 12 in Brașov were eager to begin the animal protection course in the „Learn about the animals“ module.

Helped by their teacher, the pupils drew a few animals surrounded by hearts, a sign of their love for these creatures. We found that some of them have one or more pets at home and know their needs very well. We were pleased to hear that the children want to find more things about their friends and want to be raised in a world where animals have the same rights as people.

Two schools from Brașov and one in Ghimbav county are now in an educational pilot program about the welfare and protection of animals, supported by AMP and World Animal Protection in London.

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