//Gift a bear for Christmas!

Gift a bear for Christmas!

You were little and you were eagerly waiting for Santa!!! Right? You cuddeled your friend, the teddy bear and Christmas magic was embracing you both… Meanwhile you grew up, maibe your teddy is now just a dear memory, but Santa is still coming year after year.

This year, however, the generous Santa has… upgraded so he started doing online gifts.

Now you have the opportunity to tell him you want your childhood teddy bear to turn into a magical bear, a real one, from the AMP Libearty sanctuary.A bear that you want to help receive quality food, the medical treatments it needs and, most importantly- freedom! Also this is the best oportunity to surprise the one you love!

Gift a bear for Christmas!

The virtual adoption of a bear is 300 lei (60 euros) per year! Choose your favorite bear and the adoption certificate! We send it online within 48 hours, and you and your loved ones will enjoy a unique gift.

Place your order here – https://millionsoffriends.org/en/shop/

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