//Molly, chosen from 600 dogs

Molly, chosen from 600 dogs

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She is small, goblin and likes to chew things belonging to her new friends and parents. She is 7 months old and was lucky to already find her loving familly, in her hometown, Brasov. Molly is learning now what love of a family means and is enjoying the yard and the garden where she is running all day long. “ We had a non-bred dog and we loved him very much.He died last year. We prefer to adopt rather than buy a dog . It is our principle . We said that if we can offer a stray dog a better life, that what we’ll do”, confessed Dobolyi Ildiko. So they came to the AMP Shelter. Molly was chosen out of 600 dogs. “We wanted a puppy so that she can easily get use to our yard, We hoped for female and medium sized one,. Both my mother and I fell in love with Molly immediately. We just taught her togive a paw, and we are accustoming her to listen to us so that she won’t leave the yard even if the gate is wide open”, says proudly Ilka.
The AMP shelteis now „home” for over 400 adult dogs and almost 200 abandoned puppies. Most of them are ill dogs or have suffered accidents and now they need special treatments for a certain period of time.

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