//Nine cats left locked in a house, for one week (video)

Nine cats left locked in a house, for one week (video)

The disappearance of a man alerted the authorities and the Millions of Friends Association, as there were nine cats locked in his house. With very little food and water, the nine souls had survived a week, until the man’s mother called for help. She asked the authorities to break the door and the Millions of Friends Association to take the cats.

Everybody was sure that the poor animals would need immediate medical help. Just a few minutes before the authorities and the AMP team arrived, the owner had come back home. He said he had been away to work, in order to buy food and a cake for his birthday. „I left my home to work for two days, but I had to stay for six more. I had had no idea that it would last so long. I have never left them alone for so long. I left some food, but it was not enough. Now, I earned some money and I would rather die than leave them without food“, said the owner of the cats.

The man who is emotionally attached to his animals, accepted that the AMP team should take all the cats. The mature ones were neutered, while the little ones will receive medical help, until they are healty.

The big cats went back home today to the man who loves them. He insisted to have all the animals back and promised he would never be absent for so long, again. If this happens again, the cats will be confiscated and he will be fined by the Animal Police Department.  

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