//Practical lessons among bears

Practical lessons among bears

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How are bears living in their natural environment? How can we protect wild animals and how can we teach others to protect wildlife? All the answers and more were taught at the Libearty sanctuary in a practical lesson attended by 20 students from Brasov and 20 teachers from 7 European countries. Throughout the school year students participated in lessons held by AMP members regarding Animal Protection and Welfare. These lessons were taught according to a textbook created by the AMP team.
Now they were excited to see bears in reality, to understand the needs of a wild animal and to comprehend why wild animals belong in the wild and not in captivity.
The event was also attended by teachers from 7 European countries (England, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Norway, and Romania) who came to see the level Romania has reached in terms of the Animal Protection and Welfare. All these in a project held by School no. 5 (Brasov), using European funds. “The planet belongs to us all: people, animals and plants. We don’t own it. It’s an ecosystem which our lives, as humans, depend on. These are the things we are trying to teach the children who attend our classes, and also the ones visiting the Sanctuary”, says the president of AMP, Cristina Lapis.
It’s a first in a Romanian school when permanent Animal Welfare classes are held over an entire school year.
Our association carries out the entire education project at its own expense, without financial support from other sources.

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