//Preparing your dog for winter

Preparing your dog for winter


Winter is approaching and if you love your dog, you should know that he also needs special preparation for the cold season. The AMP vet, Ciprian Cocianu, comes with some tips for all those who want their four-legged friends to pass safely over the next few months, that are expected to be the toughest in the last three decades. „ Everyone should to think that animals, suffer from cold, same like we do. Especially dogs with short fur. They must be protected with clothing and possibly with boots made especially for them. These are easy to be found in all pet shops. Dogs who live outside in the yard or are being kept in chains, need lined cages where you can put blankets. And these must be changed often for they get wet and freeze, and the warm nest will become a frozen one”, recommends the AMP doctor. Their food should not be neglected. „ Their food should be high in calories so they can withstand the cold.” Another way to keep our four-legged friends of frostbite is the application of a high-fat content cream, on the paw pads.

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