//VIDEO: The first bear cubs born in the Libearty sanctuary

VIDEO: The first bear cubs born in the Libearty sanctuary

The first three cubs that have been born in the Libearty sanctuary are enjoying the sun, the pool and climb the trees. Two of them already received names. Mark and Di have godparents in England who adopted them from a distance. These people will take care that the bears receive all that they need. Any of you may become the godparent of the other cub. See here how. 

The parents of the two little bitty fur balls are Pamela and Pluto. Their father is the only male in the sanctuary that has not been neutered and one the youngest bears in Libearty sanctuary.

Next year, the young bears will be moved in the juniors’enclosure. Here, Bim and Bam, the two orphan bears that we bottle-fed in order to survive, will be waiting for them. In 2016, National Geographic Traveller decided that in the Libearty sanctuary the animals have the best living conditions in the sanctuaries around the world.


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