//WTG shows support for the animal welfare manual

WTG shows support for the animal welfare manual

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The educational activities conducted by AMP will develop even more in 2015. The Geman NGO Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. has announce it’s support for the development of the first animal welfare manual. Now under tests in a pilot program guested by School nr 5 in Brasov, the manual will be financed by the German NGO. „We are proud to support the education for the best interest of the animals. Education is a long therm process that will show results in the next generations – fewer animals in cages, less dogs in the streets”, says Bettina Praetorius, head of WTG.

The Welfare manual is the core of the education program conducted by AMP and it sustains teaching of the 5th to 6th grade children population. The theoretical education is sustained by practical activities, like visits of farms and dog shelters, meetings with vets, therapists, and volunteering. „The lessons respects the Romanian curriculum and has a level of difficulty reacheble for the young population – old enough to be responsible and young enough to gain interest for the animal protection”, said Cristina Lapis, AMP’s president.

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