//300 kilo “Climbers”

300 kilo “Climbers”

Urs gorun

From up high, everything looks better. And climbing trees is fun at any age, even if once mature we are not as spry. But the bears have no problem in this regard. No matter their age, they pleasure is to climb as high as possible on the branches of the oaks to admire the scenery. And since the view surrounding the bear sanctuary is amazing, they often venture to the top of the trees to relax and enjoy the sights. Nobody knows exactly why, but from late autumn until the arrival of spring, several bears turn into climbers and scale the trunks of the sanctuary oaks.

IN THIS VIDEO we captured Muky. It was hard to believe to see how nimble he became. He was the only bear in the Sanctuary who had to be put on a diet when he got here. He was obese, not necessarily because he had too much food but mainly because he didn’t have enough space to move around in and burn fats. Look at how nimble he has become now and how happy he is because he can enjoy the view from the top of an oak.

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