//A dog … for March 1

A dog … for March 1


About 200 dogs living at the Public Shelter in Braşov have had an outstanding day on March 1. AMP and the City Hall of Braşov organised for them an “Open Day”. Over 100 citizens of Braşov came to visit the shelter. Some of them even gave themselves a gift, a dog, as a present for March 1 (Mărțișor). Since then, 35 dogs from the shelter have found loving homes, with the generous help of Brândușa Popa, an AMP representative.
The call was made by AMP for the citizens of Braşov to visit the dogs. It was echoed by the Community and each dog had a walk, a brush and many pats from those who wanted to spend at least a few hours in the company of the less lucky friends of humans. On the same date, March 1, the public shelters throughout the country begun to count the number of days the dogs, picked up from public areas, could live. More specifically … 14 working-days the law says.

Help them live!

In Braşov, the situation need not be like this. But for this to happen, we need the support of all those who love animals and want Braşov be a leading example for the entire country. In order to rescue the dogs that arrive at the Public Shelter, from death, AMP and the City Hall of Braşov have implemented a first for Romania – a distance adoption program. As long as we can provide these dogs with the necessary food, they will not be euthanized. But AMP cannot support two dog shelters by itself, as there are some 800 dogs. Legally, the City Hall can financially support these dogs but only for 14 working-days. After this, our association alone must provide the necessary food, and in so doing, rescue them from the lethal injection. 

Those wanting to support the Public Shelter with food for dogs or the money necessary for purchasing food, are asked to call 0040-731-334-785 (Brândușa Popa), or send an e-mail to popabrandusaelena@yahoo.com Those who participate in this joint effort of the City Hall of Braşov and the Association “Millions of Friends” to save these dogs from lethal injection, will be rewarded with a “ResponsibleCitizen” certificate.

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