//A life statement

A life statement

She is about 3 months old, an orphan and she is no longer with her two brothers. The little cub is scared, weak, hungry and she cryes for her mother.

She is safe now! She arrived in the AMP Libearty Bear Sanctuary on Saturday night at 3 a.m : she in a cage and one of her brothers dead in a bag.

The third cub was never been seen and it is hard to belive that he could survive without mother’s milk and protection. What happened to this bear? Just like any other mama bear we belive that if she would have been alive she would protect her cubs till death. It’s a question that we won’t have an answer to.

Our only certainly is that this cub was saved and it is now under Millions of Friends Association protection. We set up a lair of fresh hay and she receives special milk with a bottle as all the cubs that came to Libearty during the 15 years of existence of the sanctuary were fed.

So we welcome Bamsee in the world of happy bears, who don’t know the fear of rifle and a second chance to a free life.

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