//A bear-cub and his mother need a “maternity type enclosure”

A bear-cub and his mother need a “maternity type enclosure”


  • Tera and Pluto will not break up. Tera, the bear recovered from the Zoo in Resita vigorously defends her cub even in the look of the caregivers. And Pluto, her 6 months old cub hides behind herand screams as soon as someone approaches their cage. Nothing new about his brother, he disappeared without a trace after he was born. The Millions of Friends Association decided to give these two unhappy bears a chance to live freely and together in the Libearty sanctuary. But until the age of two, the cub can’t handle him self in the large enclosures where herisksbeing assaulted by one of the dominant males. For them, we need a special enclosure until Pluto will become an adult so he can join the bears in then 3rd enclosure. Millions of Friends Association launches an appeal to all those who love bears and freedom, to raise funds for the construction of a special enclosure, which costs 9,800 euros.

The animal protection lawforbids the separation of mothers from their cubs of less than four months. In the case of bears, the cubs should remain with their mother for two years, as this time spent besides their mother is very important. She teaches her cub how to behave, what to eat, and how to avoid any dangers. Our association has been repeatedly received bear cubs found after their mother was killed. The lonely bear cubs are disoriented, screaming for their mother and suffering. Currently the “family” is accommodated in the old structure of the sanctuary build for the former “tenants”. There are actually several cages, which communicate with each other, where Pluto has space to run and practice his climbing on the net that covers the provisional settlement. But he dreams of a tree, like the other ones have, a tree where he can leave his mark and send the first bear “messages”.

700square meters of oak forest withhazel bushes

Withan estimated value of9,800euros, the bears-kindergartenwill bepositionedaroundUrsula’s enclosure, amongoaks andhazelbushes. About 700square feet large, witha 2.5meters-wide pool andadenlined withhayand earth.Every spring, after the hunting season ends, Millions of Friends rescues between 2 and 5 bear cubs who remain alone and helpless. Most of them are presentedin apoor health-hungry,scared,dehydrated and yearning foraffection. An areadesigned for cubs, wouldreduce the stress caused byquarantine/relocation measures.Of the cubs that were housed here, some of them have grown up and now are leaving free in the spacemade for the other 81 residents of the sanctuary.

The nice conditionsfrom amaternityenclosure would rush the reintegration of the little bears into the wild.Your contribution would make happy a mother and her cub. Because all mothers love their cubs!


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