Project Description

Ala was Benny’s sister and they were both 27 years old when they arrived to the Sanctuary. During these long years, they had to get used to the miserable conditions from the same zoo in Buhuşi, where Baby and Ben lived also.

When they arrived to the Sanctuary in July 2007, Ala was released in the big enclosure and Benny joined Max, in a smaller enclosure. Being affected by the long years of prison, aged 30, Benny fell asleep one night in November 2011, and never woke up again.

Ala enjoyed the forest in her old fashioned way, taking long walks or sleeping almost all day long and keeping Benny’s and Maya’s memory alive, for five more years, by telling stories about them to the younger bears.

She left to meet Benny, in the Great Bear Constellation, on November 15, 2016