Project Description

Masha is gone .. We thought love was enough, but it wasn’t!
How unfair … Why only a few days of freedom? You had a whole life ahead of you beautiful Masha. Even the sun was happy that you arrived in the sanctuary! Do you remember?
You haven’t gotten to fully enjoy the forest, you haven’t gotten enough to feel that people can be good too! Didn’t you have the strength to fight anymore? For those who loved you and wished for you at least a few years of happiness, the pain is now huge.
Run peacefully in the eternal forest, beautiful Masha. There are our dear bears who will be your friends and no one will ever lock you up again, you won’t be chained and you won’t have to be a clown. We just hope that in your short time spent at the AMP Liberty Sanctuary you felt our love.
We would like to thank on your behalf to Lionel de Lange, who picked you up from the circus, who get you out of a bombed country and brought you to the sanctuary.
You are free Masha! Forever and ever.