Project Description

Leo arrived at the Bear Sanctuary in 2013. At that time he was 25 years old, a lifelong tenant in the zoo in Bucov, Prahova. He shared the small cage with Katyusha, a 14-year-old bear. They were no longer attractive to visitors. They were weak and careless, and their place was taken by a few cubs.

Unfortunately, such cases are quite common in zoos in Romania, where animals are considered simple “products” that can be exchanged, sold or given with the ease with which you throw a pair of worn slippers. Leo lived for 7 years in the Libearty Sanctuary, where he enjoyed nature, swimming pools, adequate food and the company of others. In 2020, at the age of 33, Leo also left for Ursa Mare. He went out quietly, in the shade of a tree, listening to the birds chirping.