Project Description

She was sentenced to 34 years of detention, carrying the ′′ fault ′′ of being born. As well as other bears, her executioners are still humans. She was just a cub when she was thrown in a cage of a meat processing farm in Covasna.

It was then moved to a small concrete pen with the thick iron bars in the Zoo in Galați. Almost 34 years later… we found her still there, resigned and with serious health issues. The world is darkened by cataracts in both eyes and her pains were almost unbearable due to chronic arthritis. She was waiting for the end on the same cold concrete she lived on all her life.

In June 2020 she arrived in the AMP Libearty forest.

After 34 years of captivity and torment, the beautiful Tanya walked on the grass, on the ground she hasn’t felt under her paws since she was just a cub! She is under treatment, in a large pen, with trees and a swimming pool. A well-deserved peace of nature, which she had forgotten and which she did not dare to dream of.