Project Description

Born in 2001, Mura was the celebrity of the Globus Circus in Bucharest. She was made to ride a bicycle and to walk on her hind paws, wearing a child’s dress. When she was not performing in the circus area she lived in a small and dirty cage.

In 2006, at the age of 5, Mura refused to perform any more therefore she suffered privation and starvation. Eventually, the director of the circus felt sorry for her and decided to send her to a place that is more appropriate to her needs. Cristina Lapis, the President of AMP agreed to take Mura and ensured that the circus will never use any bears in their performances.

Mura was taken over in March 2006 and was released into the main forest enclosure in October. Now she spends a lot of time climbing trees and munching on the grass and vegetation in the sanctuary.

July 14th is the day when Mura became another star in Ursa Mare constellation. She is is now with Maya, Max, Ursula and the other bears who now guard the AMP Libearty Sanctuary.

She died in the woods, among other bears like her, who suffered from the cruelty of humans and had the chance to live their last years under a sky without bars, listening to the rustle of leaves and the songs of birds.

“The day we met, I handed her a candy. I saw her sad eyes and promised her that no one would laugh at her anymore and would not be forced to play the clown or ride a bike for a piece of bread. ”- Cristina Lapis AMP President

Smooth road among the stars!