Project Description

After more than 10 years of failed attempts, King, formerly known as Bobiță, the bear kept in captivity at the Dragoș Vodă Bison Reservation in Vânători (Neamț County) received the chance for a new life, in freedom! It was in the fall of 2018.

King spent his entire life in captivity at the bison reservation. He was a small bear cub, found alone in the forest and was taken to the Dragoș Vodă Reservation, where he lived for about 25 years in a pen built entirely of concrete and iron bars. Now, he has a completely different life, at the AMP Libearty sanctuary, where he enjoys the forest that he has always missed.

In November 2021 the big and extremely gentle bear has  gone to the world of the happy and free.   Only three years he enjoyed a sky without bars, nature, bird song, slept on leaves and drank fresh water as many times as he wanted.

Smooth fly big bear! Run happily in Ursa Major, together with the others dear to us. You are free now!