//AMP to the rescue

AMP to the rescue

Mission against time to rescue a 8 year old horse ,fallen to the ground on the edge of a road between Hărman and Sânpetru. With the fracture open by the tibia, the animal was suffering terribly, and the owner wanted to take him to the slaughterhouse because it was no longer useful to him.

In order to save him, the AMP team negotiated his purchase for 800 lei. The horse arrived in an area specially designed for such cases, at the Libearty Zărnești Sanctuary and was permanently monitored. His health was critical and uncertain.

He was scheduled for surgery in a specialised clinic in Cluj Napoca, but just hours before leaving for the clinic he stopped fighting. His pain was atrocious, though the medical team constantly monitored him and received pain relievers.Unfortunately, our rescue efforts do not always have a happy ending, but every time, every being that we cannot save, breaks less of our souls.

We align ourselves with the thought that even in the last hours of his life he was aligned, loved and comforted as he deserved, and now he is in the heaven of innocent souls.




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